Starting & Maintaining a Solo Podcast From Home with Taylor Stone – Podcasters on Podcasting #004

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Taylor Stone of Vibe Higher podcast joins the show to discuss all of the decisions she had to make when starting her podcast, as well as dives into what makes her tick and keep going at this after 60+ episodes.

Taylor touches on the advantages of having a solo podcast (21:00) & (26:17), as well as the perks to hiring a podcast editor (33:00) to edit all of your audio for you. Additionally, we talk about how the entrepreneurial world is tied into podcasting (12:10), and how Taylor gets into her “flow state” (19:15) before and during her podcast recording.

Additional topics: DAW (audio program) recommendations (9:55). Podcasting for a business versus for a hobby (14:15). Recording at home versus in a studio (36:25). Rapid-fire podcast startup questions (44:00).

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Podcasters on podcasting is a show that dissects the aspects of podcasting that trouble your everyday podcaster.

We dive into stories of current successful podcasters, big and small alike, to give you actionable tips on starting and sustaining your podcast today!

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