Finding Your Niche In a Saturated Podcast Market – Podcasters on Podcasting #003

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Have you been wrestling with that golden podcast idea you’ve had but feel as if you’re drowning in a sea of podcasters with similar thoughts? Kick down the door to being stuck in a saturated market and niche down TODAY. (3:26) I give exercises, tips, and anecdotes from past clients that will help you find and/or stand out in a unique market right now.

Additionally, I jump into some interesting news (20:18) in the podcasting world as it relates to all generations using podcasts to blast their message to the masses. I even give insight into how some companies are utilizing behind the scenes “secret podcasts” (24:46) to message their corporate and start-up teams.

Finally, I announce (26:55) the crossing of a very special milestone in my podcasting career. I’ve officially edited over 1,000 podcast episodes (according to Podchaser)! It is a surreal feeling and I take some time to thank, highlight, and tell stories of some of my favorite clients.

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Podcasters on podcasting is a show that dissects the aspects of podcasting that trouble your everyday podcaster.

We dive into stories of current successful podcasters, big and small alike, to give you actionable tips on starting and sustaining your podcast today!

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