Audiobook Production

In the same vein as podcasting, audiobooks have been a long-standing and time tested method of spreading information and content.

We will take your audiobook from start to finish, which includes everything from editing, mixing and mastering to uploading the book on to Amazon’s Audible standards.

Voice Your Own Audiobook
Many authors poor blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of their books. Many of these same authors prefer to go the distance and voice their own audiobook! This is not uncommon and we provide the ability for you to do so. We are based out of Phoenix, Arizona and offer full in-studio recording services if this is of interest to you.

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Choose A Voice-Actor From Our Team
Otherwise, we do have an in-house team of voice-actors to choose from! Simply select the voice actors you’d like to learn more about under the “Voice Over” tab, and click through the demos they’ve done right here at Tantillo Productions! If you find the actor or actress that fits your project, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the “Contact” tab.

Included In Production
I’ve been recording voice-over for years and will ensure that…

-All inflections are logical and correctly implemented.
-Voice-actor is coached as we go.
-Every word is properly enunciated.
-All takes are clean and free of extraneous noises.
-All pronunciation is correct.
-Audio “best practices” are carried out.
-E.g. Microphone proximity etc.
-All breaths and miscues are removed from recordings.
-The audio is synced to provided video. (Upon request)
-Generally for people adding voice-over to previously recorded commercials or videos.

You will receive…

-A professional “radio ready” narration.
-Edited, mixed, and mastered with industry standard processing equipment.
-Completely fluent and natural sounding voice-over.
-Multiple types of files for different implementation across platforms.
-Multiple edits upon request.

We will…

-Upload your book to to appropriate requirements.
-Provide guidance & support until book is accepted & live.



I’m flexible to fit your needs! Every person, project, and session is different. Let me know how I can help you! You can also reach me at