Troy Heesch

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“I was an actor in High School and was very serious about it. I got a lot of different scholarships specifically for stage acting, but life dealt me a different hand when having to take care of my sick dad. Throughout the past couple of years, I’ve been getting back into it (acting) and had already been going to school for audio production. After a year in school, it dawned on me that I could fuse my love of audio with my love of acting and do voice acting. That’s how I’m here today and I’m glad because of it; I love every single moment of it.”

Age/Gender: 29/Male

Voice Range: Pre-Teens, Teens, Young Men, Middle Aged, Monster Noises, Fun Characters, Evil, Good, Hero, Little Weird Creatures, Big Dumb Creatures, Marble Mouth, Southern, British, Australian, Italian, German.