Staying Flexible with Your Podcast Content During Tough Times, with Juan Kingsbury – Podcasters on Podcasting #002


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It’s harder than ever to find normalcy in such a chaotic time, however, you can switch up your podcast content programming to make light of a poor situation and find a win for everyone involved during these tough times. Juan Kingsbury of Career Blindspot Podcast joins Nick Tantillo to cover how we’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it’s affecting podcasts around the world.

Juan Kingsbury, Founder and Talent Strategist of Career Blindspot, provides leaders with bold and clear insights on their ever-changing teams. Juan utilizes his expertise of high performers and research of people at work to free up leaders’ time so they can focus on hiring and developing the right people. He is excited to connect with any leader who is open to the idea of: investing in your team’s growth potential starts with investing in your own.

Tune in above to hear all about how you can get started shifting your content during COVID-19 today!

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Podcasters on Podcasting Show Description

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Podcasters on podcasting is a show that dissects the aspects of podcasting that trouble your everyday podcaster.

We dive into stories of current successful podcasters, big and small alike, to give you actionable tips on starting and sustaining your podcast today!

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