Podcasting For Business Versus Hobby & Inaugural Words – Podcasters on Podcasting #001


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In the podcasting world, there are many different approaches you can take to getting started. However, one of the most integral things to consider when building out your show is whether this is going to be used in combination with a business as a lead magnet and conversation tool; or if this is going to be something you record for fun on a Friday night while consuming your favorite 6-pack of craft beer.

Tune in above to hear all about how you can get started identifying your purpose today!


Podcasters on Podcasting Show Description

Thanks for stopping by to check out the show!

Podcasters on podcasting is a show that dissects the aspects of podcasting that trouble your everyday podcaster.

We dive into stories of current successful podcasters, big and small alike, to give you actionable tips on starting and sustaining your podcast today!

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