What To Know Before Buying Podcasting Gear (Audio Fundamentals) – Podcasters on Podcasting #005

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Have you ever been looking to start your podcast but were overwhelmed with all of the options for microphones and miscellaneous gear? You’re not alone.

This episode we are taking a deep dive into some of the most overlooked processes and things to consider when choosing the correct podcasting gear for your situation.

(4:50) – Microphone etiquette.
(8:32) – How to eliminate room sound and echos.
(9:50) – Headphone volume vs. gain (microphone “volume”).
(14:25) – Dynamic vs. Condenser microphones.
(20:20) – Treated vs. Soundproofed rooms.


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Podcasters on podcasting is a show that dissects the aspects of podcasting that trouble your everyday podcaster.

We dive into stories of current successful podcasters, big and small alike, to give you actionable tips on starting and sustaining your podcast today!

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