Music Production

What’s more powerful than words? Music. Every artist knows how precious their ideas are and at Tantillo Productions I make sure that your ideas and songs are recorded, mixed, mastered, and portrayed in the best way possible.


Pre-production is an often overlooked, but absolutely essential phase in the recording process. With a solid foundation set and all of the kinks worked out ahead of recording, we’ll be able to spend more time on creating new sounds and adding flavor to your record rather than fixing things while recording.

I’ll take you through a full pre-production process. This includes but is not limited to…

  • Helping arrange/rearrange song structure. (If desired by the artist)
  • Mapping out song tempos and changes.
  • Recording full scratch tracks.
  • Determine which method we will use to track the song/album.
    • Live recording. (All musicians playing at once)
    • Multi-track instruments separately. (One instrument at a time)
  • Ascertain any desired external or uncommon instruments and sounds.
  • Determine potential session musicians. (If applicable. E.g. Singer/songwriter)


The biggest factor in achieving the professional sound most desire lies within getting your sounds right on the way in. In addition to you and/or your band being well practiced, I’ll make sure that everything is taken care of on the recording side so that you can focus on your art.

I will…

  • Handle setup and maintenance of all gear throughout the session.
  • Cater to artists wants/needs throughout the entirety of sessions.
  • Create “comps” as we go.
  • Make technical, non-creative decisions on the audio side.
    • So that you can focus on your music and passion.
  • Make creative suggestions. (If desired by the artist)
    • E.g. Adding parts to thicken or “fill out” sections.
    • E.g. Suggest small changes to differentiate sections and create dynamics.
  • Provide a good laugh when you need it! (Let’s be honest, have you ever been in a recording session?!)

Editing & Mixing

Once all of the parts are recorded, it’s of utmost importance that we make sure they’re tastefully and effectively blended together. Through the use of industry standard processing equipment and years of editing experience, I’ll make sure that you get a professional, master ready mix in your hands.

Throughout the recording process, we will be taking notes on anything you foresee wanting to be included in the mix, or specifically “spiced up”. In addition, any and all mix requests/fixes you desire after receiving the first round of mixes will be carried out. It’s important that you get what you want from this whole process. I’m dedicated to helping you achieve that.


Once we have all edits made and final mixes ready, you have two options…

  1. Send final mixes to mastering house in New York that I’m partnered with. They have been professionally mastering my clients’ records for years.
  2. I will send the master ready, final mixes to the mastering engineer of your choice.
    1. You will do the research and connection of the desired mastering engineer.

**Past Work** (Pre-Production to Final Mix)

“Two Years” – Recording Only